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Things Too Ugly

by Kevin Mercer

Clock-in for the night shift. As a TEREBRO INC. Risk Assessment & Management Data Processor, you protect the company’s legacy.

In your antiquated workspace, you navigate instruments and sift through documents illuminated by the incandescent bulb of a desk lamp and the moonlight. The static crackles through tunes playing on a portable radio as you parse data.  Unusual diagrams and photographs draw you in as you cull eerie details from archived files. Urgency mounts in the small hours. Your supervisor, looming via intercom, leads you through a long-buried episode from the company’s past. Equipped with GPS, encoder device, and more, can you reckon with what lays bare on your desk? Will you set right a decades-old wrong?


Set against the Mississippi River in 1986, Things Too Ugly twists experimental narratives within a challenging puzzle game. Wielding retro technologies, nostalgic aesthetics, and environmental horror, Things Too Ugly delivers a tense, interactive story.

Developed with Unity3D

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